What are we?

We are a small creative studio that bets in a new way to do design.

At the moment, these are our projects:
Breves Studio / The New Mindset / The Essential Diet

What do we want to be?

Our primary goal is to inspire the creative community to discover their purpose and explore new ways of work.

Our vision is to become a reference in a new way of thinking design, entrepreneurship and work relations.

We hope that our search can inspire the creative community to reinvent itself.

What do we believe in?

We believe that there is another way to do design and that you do not need to identify yourself with the model of work that is established.

The search for knowledge is essential, but it is crucial to creating something with what you know.

It is necessary questioning some ideas that turned out pillars in the way of thinking design. It is not about just disagree, but start to search and to choose better solutions instead just accept whatever people always did.

For some people, working for clients is great, for us, it is not. We decided to invest our time, energy and money to build something that reflects our way of thinking, instead sell our work force to amplify anyone else’s voice.

Today it is possible to do a great work and get paid for it. For the first time, this is possible. You don’t need to work with something boring.

We believe that more than making money, people would think about creating something valuable to contribute to the world, and once that was done, is much more likely that someone would want to pay for it.

We believe that design and good ideas can change the world, and we do both.